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"Bill Nasby experiences life and all it has to offer. His enthusiasm for everything he does is both contagious and inspirational. Combine that with his deep desire to improve the lives of those with whom he works and you have a winning formula for success in any arena."
- Howard Brinton Star Power, Real Estate Trainer


Bill's CCM Bicycle

For the last 20 years I have presented my Creating Your Reality Workshop throughout North America and Australia. I always use my CCM bicycle story as an example of the power of creative visualization. Every time I recall this precious memory in class, I get the same incredible feeling that I got the first day I saw that CCM bicycle in Manville's Hardware Store in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

A surprising twist has occurred & I feel compelled to share what has led to a perfect ending. Let me start at the beginning…

The first nine years of my life were spent on a small farm 150 miles northwest of Prince Albert Saskatchewan, during an era all of its own. We lived a simple life. We grew & raised our own food, and as a result our family never really felt the full brunt of the depression. It was not until 1937 when my family was forced to move into the small City of Prince Albert that we really began to feel the impact of the depression.

Back then welfare was referred to as Relief, & my father was far too proud to accept any government aid what so ever. So he went to work at the local Creosol plant, preserving railroad ties for 35 cents and hour. As was the practice in those days, the rest of the family that could work did. My mother cleaned houses and took in laundry; my oldest sister babysat and helped my Mother clean homes. I sold the Prince Albert Daily Harold for a nickel on the corner & dropped the Weekly Reminders in the early mornings once a week for a few pennies. When I turned 10, I went to work at the Prince Albert Bowler Dome setting pins for 2 and half cents a string.

One night, while I was on my way to work at the bowling alley, I saw the most incredible sight. A brand new CCM Bike in all its glory. It had red balloon tires, cream paint with purple pin striping and long chrome handle bars, the kind that a car would take out within the first block if you attempted to ride it on today's streets. It had a beautiful chrome headlight powered by a Magneto attached to the front wheel. Even though the price tag that dangled from those long handlebars was 39 dollars & 95 cents (more money than I had ever seen) I decided at that very moment that that bike was mine.

The first thing I did was put a hex on that bike, ensuring no one else could buy it before I could, not realizing there was probably twenty of that very same model & color sitting in the back of Manville's store. I was so excited about that bicycle that I had already accepted it as mine. I began to tell everyone who would listen about my incredible bike. I fell asleep dreaming about riding my bicycle up & down the streets of Prince Albert, and I awoke with thoughts of still riding it.

Very quickly my life began to change; it took on a whole new meaning. For instance, if someone at the alley wanted to take time off I would eagerly offer to take his shift. I quickly recognized that by eliminating any chocolate bars and coca colas from my experience I would have more money to put towards my treasure. I came up with the genius idea to collect empty breadboxes, old batteries & beer bottles for extra money. I could hardly wait for that schoolroom bell to go so that I could rush over to pick up those daily Harold's and get out on that corner to sell them.

I used to buy 4 papers for 10 cents & sell them for 20 cents. One night I had not managed to sell all of my papers, and as I stood out there in the snow I asked myself, 'why am I not going to where all of the people are?' Back in those days every hotel had a beer parlor, you had to be a male to enter and over the age of twenty-one. This meant no women or children were permitted in these establishments, and of course this meant in the evening this is where you would find most of the eligible males in town. I scrambled to the nearest Beer Parlor and opened the door to take a quick peek, when the waiter had made his way to the other end of the bar; I raced in and sold my remaining papers. Seconds later I stood back on the street with four nickels in my hot little hand. I returned back to the Daily Harold to pick up 8 more newspapers and slipped back into the Beer Parlor to sell them. This was the beginning of an exciting business venture!

One day as I went to pick up my 8 papers the manager of the sales department for the paper boys asked, "What are you doing with those papers, Billy?" I replied, "I am selling them." He said, "Well I know that. The question is - where are you selling them?" I certainly did not want to blow my cover, but I sheepishly replied, "…the Beer Parlor". His astonished reply was, "YOU CANNOT DO THAT!" I acknowledged that he was right, but unless they came after me with a gun, I was not going to forgo this profitable venture. Even though on occasion they would physically remove me from the bar, it never stopped my determination to continue moving towards my goal. I was all consumed with that bike; I remember it to be one of the most exciting times in my life.

My Father was soon to find out about this escapade, and when he did he made a deal with Mr. Manville that I could have possession of my bicycle once I paid for half of it. A percentage of the money I was earning was still going into the household, but I managed to ride my CCM bicycle out of Manville's Hardware store in only 4 months. This was the first memorable success story to occur in my life. Yet it took over 30 years to recognize what had really occurred, and once I realized the process that had taken place I was able to institute a regular practice of manifesting in my life, in the exact same capacity I had accomplished at the tender age of 11.

When I returned from over seas in 1946, I met and fell in love with a beautiful lady named Helen, and although we never wed we had a relationship for the next two years. I spent three years over seas in the Canadian merchant marines and had taken to drinking heavily. When she realized she was pregnant she decided I was a risk, and without informing me of her pregnancy she left. Consequently I never met my oldest son, David until he was almost 30 years of age. He found me several years later, and since this time we have developed a wonderful relationship. He now lives in his Mother's original home in Saskatchewan and we regularly visit.

Only two months ago I was in Salt Lake City facilitating a workshop when my wife, Rena phoned to tell me that my oldest son, David had just called with news that amidst a flood in his basement he had rescued a box of old photographs. He was brought to tears when he saw the picture of his young father with his three sisters balancing on that very same CCM bicycle. I must admit that I too popped a tear or two when this miraculous news was shared with me.

Throughout the years I have been asked over and over again, "what ever happened to that bicycle Bill?" "Do you have any photographs of it?" Every time asked, I was disappointed to have to respond with a 'no'. To have this picture resurface after 66 years is truly a miracle.

I believe that this experience of manifesting my bicycle is not foreign to anyone else; if anyone is to look back throughout their lives we have all experienced this way of creating in some capacity or another. The question is, "How many of us realize that using creative visualization and goal setting in an organized fashion consistently, can give us anything we want?" It certainly qualifies where it says in the scripture, 'As a Man Thinketh in his Heart so is He'. And as we have come to the end of the story, let me ask what I teach to be the first step to success, "What do you want?"

-Bill Nasby

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  • In the spring of '93,I first heard Bill speak - 11 years later I am still at the doors grossing $600,000 in 2004. With 2 assistants and a great lifestyle I am looking forward to many more 'happy' doors! They truly are "the doors to success"

    - Don Eilers ReMax, Agent
  • "Bill Nasby experiences life and all it has to offer. His enthusiasm for everything he does is both contagious and inspirational. Combine that with his deep desire to improve the lives of those with whom he works and you have a winning formula for success in any arena."

    - Howard Brinton Star Power, Real Estate Trainer

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