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Learn how to identify personalities and effectively interact with people. Create harmonious relationships with your spouse, children, clients, and colleagues.

What is Personality Insights?
If you are in sales, you are in the people business and understanding personalities is an incredible asset. The human behavior model, DISC, is a valuable tool that illustrates the four basic personality styles. The complex ways in which these 4 traits blend to make up each person’s distinct personality is an ideal guide that anyone can use professionally or personally to gain new understanding and insights into first themselves and then others.

How is Personality Insights a useful tool for you?
Everyone’s personality is unique. Understand your own personality patterns -maximize on your strengths and minimize your struggles. Simplify & approach the decision making process with confidence, improve your communication style and recognize your ideal environment. Next adapt what you have learned to appreciate the different perspectives of your clients, colleagues, friends and family.

How is Personality Insights a useful tool in sales?
To really communicate you must learn to speak in a way that your listener may understand. Dealing with other personalities can be like speaking another language and by applying DISC you quickly identify people’s personality styles and have the ability to break communication barriers & instantly establish rapport.

For example: we approach and treat certain animals differently based on what we know about them. Would you treat a Grizzly bear the same way you treat a Boston terrier? Obviously the Grizzly would not make a very good house pet; these animals have different temperaments - personalities. The same is true with people.

How Personality Insights facilitates Agents:

  • communicate effectively with every client
  • recognize clients perspective and save time
  • customize your sales skills to client's personality type
  • execute dynamic listing presentations
  • enhance closing skills
  • strengthen decision making process
  • connect with people and win

How Personality Insights facilitates Management & Brokers:

  • enhance your ability to communicate with any personality
  • learn how unique personality styles respond in differently
  • identify & value the individual strengths of all personalities
  • understand how different personalities approach tasks & interact with people
  • make interpersonal relations better by creating a harmonious work environment
  • identify strengths & challenges immediately
  • build a successful team

Personality Workshops:
Erica Nasby is a certified Human Behavior Consultant in association with Personality Insights Institute. She works with real estate agents and companies throughout North America, consulting and training. Erica’s workshops are empowering and provide practical application that people may use on a daily basis to improve both their personal and professional lives.

For more information on the Personality workshops please contact Bill Nasby Productions at 1-866-330-2299

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Get a personality profile now & receive a 40 page computer generated Discovery Report (downloadable file) that is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. It will take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete online.





"A couple of years ago I attended one of your seminars in which you insisted that one must write the goals down for transfer to make them reality. In that session I grudgingly wrote $20,000,000 in real-estate sales - not really believing it is possible because I had only done $5 million a year. This year Sharon and I have closed over $26 million in sales. I guess the stuff you train really works!" - Lance & Sharon Sutter, Broker/Owner


  • In the spring of '93,I first heard Bill speak - 11 years later I am still at the doors grossing $600,000 in 2004. With 2 assistants and a great lifestyle I am looking forward to many more 'happy' doors! They truly are "the doors to success"

    - Don Eilers ReMax, Agent
  • "Bill Nasby experiences life and all it has to offer. His enthusiasm for everything he does is both contagious and inspirational. Combine that with his deep desire to improve the lives of those with whom he works and you have a winning formula for success in any arena."

    - Howard Brinton Star Power, Real Estate Trainer

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